School Polices

School policies cover every aspect of school life. Below are some of our most important policies for your reference. If you want to know our policy on something that is not listed, please ask the school office.

Download Nursery Admissions Criteria 2023-2024
Download Nursery Admissions Criteria 2022-2023
Download Admissions Criteria 2023-2024
Download Admissions Criteria 2024-2025
Download Anti-Bullying Policy – 01-21 to 01-24
Download appropriate-policy-document
Download Arrivals and departures policy Dec 21 to Dec 24
Download Assessment and Reporting Policy 06-21 to 06-24
Download Attendance Policy Feb 2023 to Feb 2025
Download Behaviour Policy - 12-22 to 12-25
Download Complaints Policy -12-23 to 12-26
Download Charging and Remissions Policy – 09-21 to 09-24
Download Childcare Policy 2023-2026
Download Curriculum Policy 09.23-09.26
Download Data Protection Policy 01-22 to 01-24
Download Educational visits policy 2021 to 2024
Download Emergency-school-closure-policy 2022 to 2023
Download Feedback Policy March 2023 to 2026
Download FOI Publication Scheme
Download Freedom of Information Policy
Download Health and Safety Policy 2023
Download Home School Agreement
Download Intimate Care Policy
Download KS1 AUP
Download KS2 AUP
Download Lettings Policy – 05-23 to 05-25
Download Managing Violence and Aggression by Adults in School December 2023-2026
Download MFL POLICY 2021 to 2024
Download Mid-Phase Admissions Policy – 07-22 to 07-24
Download Missing child policy May 22-May 25
Download Model_Music_Curriculum_Key_Stage_1 & 2
Download Model Safeguarding Policy School Colleges 2023-2024
Download Nursery Settling in Policy 2021 to 2024
Download Online Safety Policy_Oct 2023 - Oct 2026
Download Power Maths White Rose Edition KS1 Calculation Policy
Download Power Maths White Rose Edition LKS2 Calculation Policy
Download Power Maths White Rose Edition UKS2 Calculation Policy
Download Privacy Notice - Pupils Primary
Download Privacy Notice - School Staff
Download Pupils Retention schedule Primary
Download RE_policy Oct 2021 to 2024
Download RSE Policy 2022-2024
Download RSE Curriculum July 2021 to July 2024
Download Safeguarding Policy Addendum January 2021- Remote Learning
Download Safeguarding Policy September 2022
Download School Uniform Policy 12-23 to 12-25
Download Single Equality Scheme Policy – 09-21 to 09-24
Download Special Educational Needs Policy - April 2023 - 2024
Download Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy - 07-22 to 07-24
Download Uncollected child policy Dec 22 to Dec 25
Download Volunteer Policy Nov 2023-Nov 2026