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Week 9 Home Learning Pack

Hi year 5,

Please continue to send your pictures into school. How are you all this week? It has been very hot so we hope you have been enjoying the outdoors with your families. Time is flying by so we hope you are remembering to do things that make you and your family happy – reading, spending time together, helping out at home etc.  When completing the work, remember if you can’t print out the sheets then just answer the questions on paper. This week complete the following:

  • The maths and English work from Classroom Secrets. Do all the activities from Monday to Friday. Parents, we have included the guidance for your information.
  • RE – Our new topic is ‘Freedom and Responsibility’. So the question is: As you get older and you get more freedom does this mean you also have greater responsibility?  Before lockdown were you ever allowed to go to the park on your own…what are your responsibilities to yourself, your parents and the public for this small piece of freedom?
  • History – As a final activity on Ancient Greece, we would like you to complete the comparison chart. Research the headings and record the differences in then and now.
  • Art- some of you may already know Rob Biddulph and his drawing tutorials. In school this week we are going to be drawing Sonic the Hedgehog so why not see how you get on with one of his drawing lessons. Use this link:


Take care, 


Miss Fahey Mrs McCormack Mrs Fernandez