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Week 7 Home Learning Pack

Hi year 5,

Please continue to send your pictures into school – Malachi was doing some great baking this week- we all love seeing them every Friday in the school newsletter!

How are you all this week? The weather has been lovely so hopefully you’ve all been getting your daily exercise. Look after yourselves and keep yourselves busy – this work should keep your brains ticking over until we get back to school! Remember if you can’t print out the sheets then just answer the questions on paper. This week please complete the following:

  • The maths and English work from Classroom Secrets. Do all the activities from Monday to Friday. Parents, we have included the guidance for your information.
  • Music: Using any recyclable materials around the home, make your very own musical instrument. They can be shakers, drums, stringed. There are pictures included with just a few ideas – the possibilities are endless!
  • Geography: As part of our summer topic, ‘Going Global’, we would like you to complete the activity looking at  which places, around the world, you have links with. There is also an activities about finding the origins of different things around the home. For example, your oranges might have come from Spain! This should be really interesting…

Miss Fahey Mrs McCormack Mrs Fernandez