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Week 3 Home Learning Pack

Hi to all the parents and children of reception. I hope you are all well and continue to do lots of learning from home. The focus for maths next week is 2d shapes please help your child to learn the names of 2d shapes and how many sides and corners the shapes have. The children learnt about 2d shapes earlier in the year so this will be a recap on their learning to prepare them for when we learn about 3d shapes in a few weeks. So get busy looking for shapes everywhere. In the writing folder there is a document , If I had a magic bean please encourage your child to use their imagination and write about if they had a magic bean what would it grow into (eg. Rainbow land,Lego Land, Candy floss Land ect.). Keep learning your sounds and practise writing them. Keep reading and asking lots of questions.
Have fun and keep learning.


Kind Regards
The Reception team