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Week 14 Home Learning Pack

Hi year 5,

Well Year 5 our strange year is coming to an end! This will be your last home learning pack for a while. We hope you have a fantastic summer holiday. Be good and stay safe!

  • The maths and English work from Classroom Secrets. Do all the activities from Monday to Friday. Parents, we have included the guidance for your information.
  • Topic: Research the features of mountains, record them on your mountain diagram.Can you now make a mountain fact file for one of the earth’s mountain ranges? (Sheet provided)
  • Art: Create a mountain art collage (see sheet)
  • RE: Look at the task of Stewardship document – can you create a poster to persuade people to be better stewards of the earth. Think about how we can be more environmentally friendly? What would you encourage people to do more of? Less of? What can we do to help lessen the effects of climate change?

Miss Fahey Mrs McCormack Mrs Fernandez