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Week 13 Home Learning Pack

Hi year 5,
Please continue to send your pictures into school. We are getting nearer to the summer holidays so try to keep up with your work for the next couple of weeks. We haven’t seen many photographs so please try and send some to Mrs Duffy this week. When completing the work, remember if you can’t print out the sheets then just answer the questions on paper. This week complete the following:
  • The Maths and English work from Classroom Secrets. Do all the activities from Monday to Friday. Parents, we have included the guidance for your information.
  • RE – On the leaf template, please write a poem about God’s creation – the earth. We are stewards of this wonderful planet and need to look after it. What are the important things to remember?
  • Topic – research different types of volcanoes. Create a poster that gives information about this – make it interesting and eye-catching.
  • Based on Chapters 3 of the book. Write an informal letter from Michael to his best friend Eddie. Which of his exciting adventures would he want to tell him about – his learning, the countries he has visited? You choose!
  • Watch Chapter 4 of Kensuke’s Kingdom:


Take care,

Miss Fahey Mrs McCormack Mrs Fernandez