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Week 10 Home Learning Pack

Dear Y5

We hope that you are all keeping well and staying safe. The pictures of Kinga and Jude in the news letter were really great!
Maths and English: Just follow the instructions for every day; there are also help sheets for or the adult who is helping you. The power points in the English section have no audio but the adverts they are using have been on the TV many times over the las few months; you may find them on youtube.
Science: Read the information sheet to help you and then fill in the lifecycles for the different amphibians. What is the same and what is different about the lifecycles?
Art: Albert Wallis Boats. I must admit I have never heard of this artist but I love his boats! Have a go at drawing one of your own
RE: You will see the on the sheet the 2 commandments that Jesus tells us ae the most important. Your task this week is to write a poem to give us your thoughts on what love means to you.
Make sure you continue to dance and sing and meet up with friends and family; and get outside as much as you can!

Love thoughts and prayers to you and your families from a new Y5 team!
Miss Fahey Mrs McCormack Mrs Fernandez Miss Jamie Miss Zukrowska