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15.05.19: Today Year 2 visited Suntrap (Epping Forest) to enrich our science topic and learning about – Living Things and Their Habitats. We started our learning by meeting and finding out about some of the different animals that are kept in and around the Suntrap school. We explored them close up and even held them, or stroked them, if we wanted to. The animals we met were Indian stick insects, Madagascan hissing cockroaches, African giant snails, fire salamanders, millipedes and Cecilia the corn snake. We also learned about the four main things a habitat needs to provide for an animal to live and survive within it: water, food, shelter and oxygen.

Next, we went into the forest with our magnifying pots and looked for insects and creatures in our first habitat – the forest floor. We picked up logs and rocks, moved leaf litter and dug around the base of the trees. Once we found our mini-beasts (invertebrates), we then used a sheet to help us identify them.

Finally we went back into the Suntrap grounds and explored one of the many habitats there – the pond. We used our nets to do some pond dipping and then emptied them out into trays of pond water. This made it easier to see all of the small creatures we had caught in our nets. We then used small strainers to separate some of the different creatures and identify them using the sheets provided. It was a great day out and we learnt lots of new things about animals and their habitats.


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