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School Council Trip to meet the Mayor

Visit to Waltham Forest Town Hall

On February 11th 2016 the School Councillors made a special visit to the Town Hall to meet the mayor and our ward councillor, Councillor Cogshill.  We wanted to learn more about Local Democracy but also to tell them about the waste disposal project we have been doing with Eco Active. 

We told the mayor how difficult it is for people in flats to recycle because of the problem of storing the bins.  We told them how concerned we were about WEEE waste and whether people knew where to get rid of their broken electrical equipment, especially phones.  We told them all about our project to educate people to take better care of God's creation.  We also explained that if we won the competition we would buy wormeries for the school, to recycle food waste and make lovely compost for the vegetables we grow.

We loved using the microphones in the impressive Town Hall Council Chamber.  We were also invited into the Mayor's Parlour, and saw the real solid gold chain of office.