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Religion in School

R.E Questionnaire: Please use link to complete an
RE questionnaire about Religious Education and Life at
St Patrick’s. Your opinions and feedback really matter.
All questionnaires to be returned by 8th November.
Thank you all for your continued support.

Gospel Reflection 18.10.21

Gospel Reflection 11.10.21

Gospel Reflection Assembly 4.10.21

Gospel Reflection Assembly 27.9.21

Gospel Refection 13.9.21- Taken from the Gospel for 12th September 2021 (Mark 8:27-35): Peter’s Declaration of Faith and Jesus’ Reply

Start of the new school year Gospel reflection 6.9.21 - New Beginnings

Gospel Reflection for 5th July 2021 (Mark 6:1-6): A Prophet Despised in His Own Country

Gospel Reflection - 28.6.21- Mark 5:21-43: Two Cures of Women

Ladauto Si' and Sustainable Goals Week Reflection 21.6.21

Gospel Reflection 14.6.21 - Mark 4:26-34: The Seed Growing

Gospel Reflection 8th June 2012 - The Last Supper - Mark 14:12-16, 22-26

Gospel Reflection 24th May 2021 - Pentecost

Gospel Reflection 17th May 2021

Gospel Reflection 10th May 2021

Gospel Reflection 4th May 2021

Gospel Reflection - John - 10:11-18 – The Good Shepherd - 26th April 2021

Come and see Parents Letter Summer 2021 including Journey in Love week

Gospel Reflection Taken from the Gospel for Sunday 7th March 2021 (John 2:13-25): The Cleansing of the Temple

Gospel Reflection 8th February 2021 - Mark 1:29-39 Jesus at Capernaum

Gospel Reflection 1st February 2021 - Mark 1:21-28: Jesus Teaches with Authority


Gospel Reflection Monday 18th based on John1: 35-42 - The First Disciples

Gospel Reflection Monday 11th January - The Baptism of Jesus - Mark 1:7-11

Advent Week 3 John The Baptist - Joy

Advent Week 2 Gospel Reflection - PEACE - 7.12.20

Just look at our wonderful whole school Christmas displays created with the children's work, telling the the complete story of Christmas from the Visitation to the birth of Jesus. They are all very beautiful !

Attached is a support document from Westminister Diocese explaining in detail all about Advent and Christmas. It has lots of very interesting details and facts in it.

The Holy Gospel Reflection according to Mark 13:33-37 - The Watcher at the Door - Advent Week 1


Year 6 Judaism week work

Year 5 Judaism Week work.

Year 4 Torahs

Year 4 Judaism Week work

YEAR 4Judaism Week work

Year 2 Judaism Week work.

Year 3 Judaism Week work. Isn't it wonderful!

Gospel Reflection - The Feast of Christ the King - 23rd November 2020

Gospel Reflection according to Matthew 25:14-15.19-21- A Story about Talents 16th November 2020


'What is a Saint?' Fact File

All Saints Day 1st November 2020

Parent Overview of Journey in Love, our whole school Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) programme.

Gospel Reflection according to Matthew (22:15-21): Giving God His Due 19.10.20

Gospel Reflection according to Matthew (22:1-10): An Invitation to the Wedding Feast 12.10.20

Journey in Love Parent Overview

Dear Parents and Carers below is the link for this week's Wednesday Word for you all to read and share with your family at home.

Dear Parents/Carers,

We are delighted to announce that our school is participating in a brand new Relationship Education programme for Catholic primary schools, titled Life to the Full. You may hear your child coming home talking about this and we want to give you a brief overview of this new and ambitious programme.


As you may be aware, Relationship Education becomes statutory for all primary schools from September 2020. The Life to the Full programme is based on ‘A Model Catholic RSE Curriculum’ by the Catholic Education Service which was highlighted as a work of good practice by the Department of Education. Therefore, we have confidence that the programme will be fit for purpose in supporting the growth and development of your child.


Life to the Full is much more than a series of lessons. It is an entire platform of creative resources that will engage, inform and inspire our children and, indeed, you as parents. This includes interactive video content, story-based activities, employing a wide range of teaching tools, original worship music and an accompanying programme of classroom prayers.


In addition there will be an online parent platform so that you, as parent and carers, can engage with the teaching and deepen the experience for your child. To access the online parent platform please visit:


Life to the Full is intended to be partnership between home, school and church. We know that you already do a fantastic job and we see our new programme, Life to the Full, as a means to further develop, support and enrich the partnership between home, school and church so that your child is fully supported.

Prayer For Our Earth Powerpoint - Pope Francis

Prayer For the Earth - Pope Francis

Autumn Events and Whole School RE Topics

A Reading from the Holy Gospel according to Matthew 18:21-35: The Unforgiving Debtor Monday 14th September

A Reading from the Holy Gospel according to Matthew 18:15-20 : The Cost of Discipleship - Monday 7th September

Gospel Reflection -Monday 6th July - Matthew (11:25-30)

Gospel Reflection 29th June 2020 - St Peter and St Paul - Mathew 16:13-19

RACIAL JUSTICE  - This statement has been issued by the Bishops’ Conference.

Bishops stand in solidarity with US sisters and brothers as they challenge the evil of racism and the brutal killing of George Floyd.


“We stand in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in the USA as they challenge the evil of racism and the brutal killing of George Floyd. As the US Bishops made clear: “we cannot turn a blind eye to these atrocities and yet still try to profess to respect every human life. We serve a God of love, mercy, and justice.”


“Systemic racism is embedded in our own society. The disproportionate harm suffered by BAME people throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted profound inequalities, marginalisation and injustice here in the UK. The peaceful Black Lives Matter protests taking place in our towns and cities this week reflect the understandable anger that so many people feel about this.


“As Catholics we recognise that racism is an evil which must be opposed; we all have a responsibility for actively promoting racial justice. Whenever we ignore racism or dismiss BAME people’s experience of it, we are complicit in violations of human dignity. We pray for God’s help to overcome racism in all its forms and that we might protect everyone who suffers its consequences. We are all made in God’s image.”


Bishop Declan Lang
Lead Bishop for International Affairs

Bishop Paul McAleenan
Lead Bishop for Racial Justice

Gospel Reflection, Matthew 10:26-33, Monday 22nd June

John 6:51-58 Gospel Presentation 14th June 2020

Prayers to remember that God the Father is with us throughout the Covid pandemic


Praying the Rosary

Pope Francis’s prayer to Our Lady during coronavirus pandemic

O Mary,
you always shine on our path
as a sign of salvation and of hope.

We entrust ourselves to you, Health of the Sick,
who at the cross took part in Jesus' pain, keeping your faith firm.
You, Salvation of the Roman People,
know what we need,
and we are sure you will provide
so that, as in Cana of Galilee,
we may return to joy and to feasting
after this time of trial.

Help us, Mother of Divine Love,
to conform to the will of the Father
and to do as we are told by Jesus,
who has taken upon himself our sufferings
and carried our sorrows to lead us, through the cross,
to the joy of the resurrection. Amen.

Dear all, Fr Kevin has now set up to transmit LIVE mass broadcasts on the St Patrick's Church YouTube channel. The current plan is Saturday 10am. Sunday 9am and 11.30am. First one is tomorrow morning, 28th.

Year 1 Islam Week

Headteacher Gospel Assembly The Samaritan at the Well (John 4:5-15.19-26.39-42) 16.3.20

In the report from the Bishops’ Conference on the Coronavirus, a three stage response is recommended. At present, we are in the first stage, but the news continues to report more cases every day. Clergy and laity across this Diocese have asked for further precautionary measures to be taken. For this reason many priests have already implemented those contained in the second stage of the report, and some vicariates have voted to do so. Bishop Alan supports them in this.


The principle measures are:

·      The exchange of the sign of peace at Mass is suspended.

·      Giving the Precious Blood to the people at Mass is suspended.

·      Holy water is to be removed from the stoups.

·      Holy Communion is given in the hand only.

·      Clergy and extraordinary ministers should wash or sanitise their hands before and after distributing Communion.


Please keep in your prayers those who are sick and those who have died, as we continue to pray for a swift conclusion to this.

Headteacher Gospel Assembly 9.2.20 - Matthew 17:1-9 The Transfiguration

Headteacher Gospel Assembly 2.3.20 - Matthew 4:1-11- The Testing of Jesus

The Year of the Word 2020

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales have designated 2020 as The God who Speaks: A Year of the Word to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Verbum Domini - Pope Benedict XVI’s Apostolic Exhortation on ‘The Word of the Lord’. This also commemorates the 1600th anniversary of death of St Jerome, who translated the Bible into Latin.

The Year of the Word is a time where we are invited to celebrate, live and share God's word. 

Headteacher Gospel Assembly The Presentation of Jesus Luke 2:22-40 3rd February 2020

Headteacher Gospel Assembly - The Lamb of God (John 1:29-34) 20.1.20

Come and See - Topics covered Spring Term 2020

Headteacher Monday Assembly 6th January 2020 - The Feast of the Epiphany

Week 2 Advent Headteacher Assembly - The Time Has Come - Hope




Headteacher Assembly 25.11.19 The Feast of Christ the King - From the Holy Gospel according to Luke (23:35-43) The King of Forgiveness

Headteacher Assembly 18th November 2019 - A Reading from the Holy Gospel according to Luke 21:5-19 - Perseverance

Headteacher Assembly 11th November 2019 - A Reading from the Holy Gospel according to Luke 20:27-38: The Sadducees’ Riddle

Headteacher Assembly 4.11.19 from the Holy Gospel according to Luke 19:1-10: Zacchaeus

Headteacher Assembly 28.10.19 from the Holy Gospel according to Luke 18:9-14: The Pharisee and the Tax-Collector

Headteacher Assembly 14th October 2019 - The Samaritan Leper from the Holy Gospel according to Luke 17:11-19

Headteacher Assembly 7th October - From the Holy Gospel according to Luke 17:5-1: The Reward of Faith

Brighten Up For Harvest Cafod Family Fast Assembly - 1st October 2019

Headteacher Assembly 23rd September 2019 - From the Holy Gospel according to Luke 16:1-13 : The Dishonest Steward

Headteacher Assembly 16th September 2019 - From the Holy Gospel according to Luke 15:1-32 : Forgiveness

Headteacher Assembly 9th September 2019 - From the Holy Gospel according to Luke : The Cost of Discipleship

Recommendation for children who want to know about Mass and the Church - Use link
Whole School 'Journey in Love ' Week - WB 8th July 2019 - Question and Answer parent session 3:30 pm in school on 3rd July 2019 led by Mrs Poultney - all welcome.

Come and See Timetable of Topics Spring Term









Dear Families,


The Diocesan Marriage and Family Life Office have purchased the rights to a Jesse Tree Advent Devotional digi-book and ornaments, available for download as a gift to all primary school families across the Diocese of Brentwood this Advent.


Many of your homes will be filled with traditions as you make preparations for Christmas through the season of Advent. This year, the Marriage and Family Life team have purchased a fantastic resource, which we have made available FOR FREE to all families in our Diocese, in order to help with spiritual preparation.


The Jesse tree is a family Advent devotional, which helps us connect the custom of decorating Christmas trees to the events leading to Jesus’ birth. Each day through Advent, we decorate a Jesse tree with illustrated ornaments that represent the people, prophesies, and events leading up to the birth of Jesus. Each ornament tells the story of God and his relationship with the ancestors of Christ in the Old Testament, connecting the Advent season with the faithfulness of God across four thousand years of history.


This is a really lovely way to spend time with your children, and with God this Advent. The guide we have purchased is designed for families with young children, put into terms that are easy to read and discuss. There are pre-coloured or colourable ornaments available for those looking for a craft activity.


You can request a copy of the free digital book, printable tree and ornaments from


Wishing you a happy and holy Advent and Christmas.


Anna McCormick


Project Officer – Marriage and Family Life

Diocese of Brentwood


Some Ideas for Parents/Cares on Ways and Ideas To Foster Prayer at Home

Thank you to all who attended our afternoon tea in the school hall last Friday. Our Year 6 children worked extremely hard in preparing and serving tea, coffee and a selection of cakes to all who came. A big 'shout out ' to Mrs Hafeez without whose help and organisational skills this event wouldn't of happened!

The 24th - 28th April is our whole school  'Other Faith Week'. Our other chosen faith is Islam.

Muslims are followers of the religion of Islam, which began in Saudi Arabia around the seventh century. they believe in one God, Allah. there are two main groups of Muslims, Shi’ah and Sunni. the Sunnis are the larger group. their beliefs are similar but they differ on the forms of leadership. what the children learn in this programme of study is a middle way, offering what is most general in Islam. the spelling used is Makkah rather than the common version Mecca to avoid confusion.

Below is an overview of topics taught in each year group.


         Age             Theme                      Topic               LOOK                 DISCOVER           RESPECT


Early years



Special days/

ritual objects


Prayer mats


special objects


Prayer mats and the



What is special for



year 1

Fs 1






Special stories



Muhammad is important for Muslim people


year 2

Fs 2




Prayer at home


Quiet times


Prayer five times

a day


Prayer is important for Muslims


year 3


Places for worship


The mosque


special buildings

Friday is a day of special prayer. Call to prayer


How Muslim people worship


Year 4


Holy Books


The Quran


important books

The Quran.

99 beautiful names

of God

The importance of the Qur’an for Muslims


Year 5


Beliefs and



Ramadan and



special times

Shahadah Ramadan, id-ul-Fitr, id-ul-adha, hajj

Respect for the special occasions for Muslims


Year 6


Belonging and values


Guidance for



Guidance in life


The 5 pillars



What is important for Muslims

The Aquinas Trust Federation Mass

The Aquinas Teaching & Learning Trust, which is made up of a number of primary and secondary schools based in the Waltham Forest deanery, celebrated its first annual Mass at Our Lady & St George Church, Walthamstow recently. On 8 March, over 400 students and accompanying staff from schools in the Trust came together for the service. Fr Maurice Gordon (OLSG), Fr Kevin Conway (St Patrick’s, Walthamstow) and Fr Jim Kennedy (St Joseph’s, Leyton) concelebrated the Mass, which began with a colourful procession of school banners and mission statements. Schools in the Trust are: Our Lady & St George; St Patrick’s; St Mary’s; St Joseph’s Infant and St Joseph’s Junior Primary Schools; Holy Family School & Sixth Form; St John’s School; and Trinity High School. The primary schools were represented by pupils from years 2 and 6. The representatives from secondary schools included St John’s choir, a group of year 8 students from Trinity and prefects from year 7, 8 and 6th Form from Holy Family. The readings, bidding prayers and offertory were undertaken by the schools, with special thanks to St John’s School Choir who signed the entrance hymn and pupils from Our Lady & St George Primary School who sang and signed the post-communion hymn. Chaplaincy team member Denise Grierson said: “It was lovely to hear wonderful singing from the students, filling the church with sound. It was a joyous occasion, much appreciated by students and staff alike.” During Mass, the congregation remembered Yvonne Inije, head of RE at St John’s, who died recently. Fr Maurice Gordon said it was wonderful looking out at all the schools, united in their belief and education. Dr Andy Stone, headteacher of Holy Family School, concluded: “What was really evident to me was a powerful sense of unity among all our schools and a real sense of community and togetherness. You may not know but, while about one in 10 of pupils in the Aquinas Trust schools are here today, altogether you represent around 4,500 children and young people; and there are also more than 500 staff in total. We really benefit from working together and myself and all the other headteachers and staff are really proud and pleased to be working together for the benefit of all our Catholic schools in the Aquinas Trust.”

Journey in Love 


Journey in Love is the Brentwood Diocese Personal Relationship programme. In order that children may grow and develop healthily and holistically toward an understanding of successful future relationships, they must be at ease with themselves and grow in self-knowledge.

The following is an outline of what each class covers:



The children will know and understand that God has made them unique and that although we are all different we are all special to him.

The children will explore the above learning objective through these 5 areas: Physical, Social, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual.

Year 1


The children will know and understand that they are growing and developing as members of their own family and God’s family.

The children will explore the above learning objective through these 5 areas: Physical, Social, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual.

Year 2


The children know and understand that they are growing and developing in a God-given community.

The children will explore the above learning objective through these 5 areas: Physical, Social, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual.

Year 3


The children know and understand the virtues essential to friendship e.g loyalty, responsibility… and experience the importance both of forgiving and being forgiven and of celebrating God’s forgiveness.

The children will explore the above learning objective through these 5 areas: Physical, Social, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual.

Year 4


The children will know and understand that they are all different and celebrate these differences as they appreciate that God’s love accepts us as we are and as we change.

The children will explore the above learning objective through these 5 areas: Physical, Social, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual. In physically the children will look at the difference between a boy and a man’s body parts (Same for girl – women). They will also look at the growth of a baby from conception – 20 weeks.

Year 5


The children will know and become aware of the physical and emotional changes that accompany puberty – sensitively, mood swings, anger, boredom, etc. And grow further in their understanding of God’s presence in their daily lives.

The children will explore the above learning objective through these 5 areas: Physical, Social, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual.

The children will also discuss puberty and the many changes they will face in this stage of their development.

Year 6


The children will develop, in an appropriate way for their age, an understanding of sexuality and grow further in their appreciation of their dignity and worth as children of God.

The children will explore the above learning objective through these 5 areas: Physical, Social, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual.

The children will also discuss puberty and the many changes they will face in this stage of their development.

Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 Prayers in School. These are all of the prayers that all children should know/be familiar with by the end of primary school.