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Reading at St Patrick's Catholic Primary School


We love to read! In fact, we love reading so much, that we have redesigned the whole curriculum around books we know you will love too. 


Below you can find our proposed reading curriculum for 2020 onwards, though please be aware that the texts are due to be revived as we go along. One of our main priorities is to ensure everyone is represented in the books we are reading, so this area is one that will be updated as we continue our learning journey.


Our Next Steps


To promote a further love of reading we are:


1. Providing all classes with a budget to transform their reading areas and classroom libraries.

2. Updating the main and classroom libraries to ensure texts are fresh, enjoyable to read and interesting.

​​​​​​​3. Allowing children to have more choice in the texts we buy in school by asking for pupil feedback.

4. Providing opportunities for pupils to become prefects by completing activities such as making phonics games or reading to, and with children in younger year groups.

5. Inviting volunteers to read with the children.

6. Creating reading spaces in corridors where pupils may quietly read with their peers during lunch and break times. 


Please note: due to the recent events and precautions taken due to Covid-19, not all of the above will be possible at present. Our priority is the health and wellbeing of the pupils and we will only allow initiatives that can be safely managed and maintained.