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Patrick the Panda

To all the children in St Patrick’s – please remember to send me a postcard telling me all about your travel and adventures during the Summer half term. I look forward to sharing them at assembly when we come back!


Love Patrick the Panda




Patrick the Panda - Our Geography Mascot:  Patrick the Panda has arrived at our school and is eager to start his new job. He wants to find out all about the interesting places that the children, parents and visitors of St Patrick’s go to during their school holidays.


There are lots of things that Patrick the Panda wants to know:

* The country you have visited and what is the name of its capital city

* The continent the country is located in

* What the climate is like (is it hot or cold)

* Whether there are any famous landmarks  -  e.g. natural (Grand Canyon in America)
   or man-made (Eiffel Tower in France)

* What sort of food is eaten

* How far is the country from London and what is the easiest way to travel to it

Please do not worry if you are not going on a family holiday at this time, a postcard from a day trip to London, a trip to a local seaside resort will all be gratefully received. There is a very useful website run by BBC schools where Barnaby the Bear visits, Australia, Paris and other destinations in the UK, children could follow his journey and write a postcard based on what they have learnt!  Patrick the Panda will share the postcards regularly at assemblies. He really wants the children to increase the knowledge of the location of countries from all over the world. Patrick the Panda eagerly awaits your