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International Afternoon

In 5R, to start their new topic of 'Going Global', Year 5 had an international afternoon. The children brought in fact files and posters about the countries they are from and shared them with their class. The also brought in lots of traditional foods from their countries of origin, as well as enjoying music from around the world. Some of the children even learnt  a poem in Polish to share with their class! The Year 5 team would like to say a massive thank you to the families of Year 5 for their generous contributions to the international afternoon, as well as the time spent teaching them about their cultures. It was a wonderful start to the topic!

May 3rd2019

Going Global – Sensational Start - 5M

In preparation for our new topic, we held a ‘Mini International Day’. The children prepared food from their countries and made posters all about their place of heritage. We had a great afternoon!