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A warm welcome from the St Patrick's Governing Body


The governing body is a group of people who are appointed or elected, having a strong interest in developing St Patrick’s school’s special identity and character.


The School Governing Body employs all staff, controls admissions, acts as proprietors of the building on behalf of the Diocescan Trustees, has responsibility for the financial affairs of the School and determines and oversees the curriculum.

The Governors meet formally six times each year and have a number of Committees overseeing various aspects of the management of the School.

Governors of a catholic school have to find 10% of the cost of any improvements to the building or grounds. Recent improvements include the new reception area, enlarging one of our smallest classrooms and many others.  We ask families to gift aid their donation as the school can then  claim back from the Inland Revenue 28p for every £1 donated. It costs you nothing extra!

If you wish to contact the governing body, please email

The members of the Governing Body are as follows:

Full Governing Body

Colm Gallagher (Chair of Governors)

Ailis Creavin (Vice Chair)

Jacqueline Sheehy

Father Kevin Conway

Marta David

Sarah Bloss

Eileen Cullum

Eva Valverde

Antonia Bailey

Nwakaego Fadahunsi

Jacqueline Courtenay


Standards and Premises Committee

Fr Kevin Conway

Sarah Bloss

Eileen Cullum (Chair)

Eva Valverde (Vice Chair)

Ruslan Protsiv

Jacqueline Sheehy

Nwakaego Fadahunsi


Resources Committee

Marta David (Vice Chair)

Colm Gallagher

Ruslan Protsiv

Ailis Creavin

Felicity Ndebele


Admissions Committee

Marta David

Colm Gallagher

Ailis Creavin