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Communicative Language

Communicative Language


Our Mission


We hope to provide a language-rich learning environment and opportunities that extend way beyond school and into the wider community.


Our pupils will receive an education that builds them up to be confident orators, readers and writers with a wide vocabulary and broad understanding of language.


Over the next three years, we plan to build Vocabulary into our routine at St Patrick's so that it will be an integral part of our rich tapestry of curriculums, the school itself and the homes of our pupils.


Our teaching staff, parents, priests and children will all be working together in a language-rich learning environment, that supports them in accessing and enjoying a diverse, inclusive and vast curriculum.


Communicative Language 


Communicative Language is all elements of communication including (though not exclusively) the verbal, audial, cognitive and social aspects of language.


Our framework is below and is based on the Voice 21 Oracy framework.  



The first priority with Communicative Language will be to focus on vocabulary. 


To achieve this our main actions within school will be to:


1. Ensure language-rich learning environments begin in the classroom and extend beyond school into the wider community.

2. Establish homework tasks that promote the learning and use of new, more challenging language.

3. Offer rewards such as Prefect Points for any pupils exhibiting excellent use of vocabulary, particularly when teaching others.

4. Provide all classrooms with a 'Vocabutree' a tree dedicated to the learning and use of new, more complex vocabulary.

5. Provide teaching staff, parents and members of the wider school community with useful activities and CPD to help promote our agenda.

6. Introduce more games and fun activities involving language acquisition and development into the classroom.

7. Ensure the whole school library with language-rich texts that children can enjoy.

8. Equip the classroom libraries are stocked with a diverse range of texts that support the children's Zones of Proximal Development to ensure they are able to learn autonomously, if they are reading independently.


Our Vocabulary Plan including our mission, timeline and agendas can be found below.