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50 Book Challenge - New 2020 Version

The Fifty Book Challenge


You gave us feedback, and we listened. We discussed the questions you had and the solutions to any issues that arose. One of the issues faced by parents was that the book checklists we provided didn't have a wide enough selection of texts, especially when children needed to replace their book. 


To solve the issue, we have created new booklists as a guide. We have also created blank checklists for your child to add to each time they finish a book. These can be found below. You may use the original checklists from previous years as a guide. New booklists will be sent home in September. Your child may also select their own texts that are not on any booklists. Please ensure they read a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. We have left the new book checklists blank. 


To clarify, booklists are a list of book titles and the authors. The checklist is the document you will print off below to complete with your child. You can download a new one below. 






1. Children must read their 50 Book Challenge Texts once their reading scheme book is complete.

2. Once a child has read their book, they must record on their personal checklist.

3. Please return the checklist to school when your child has read 10, 30 or 50 books.

4. The reading scheme texts are not counted. 50 Book Challenge is for additional books you child chooses themselves.

5. Children must have read the books and will be quizzed by a member of staff at random to check this.


Additional Notes


1. Children will be rewarded with certificates presented in assembly for reading 10, 30 and 50 books.

2. They can complete as many 50 book challenges as they like.

3. All books that are not currently being read must be returned to school.

4. Books must be enjoyable. If your child is not enjoying their 50 Book Challenge, they may swap it for another. Though this is not the case for the reading scheme text.