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School Attendance and Punctuality

How can parents help?


From the time your child first starts at school, it is important to ensure that good routines and habits are put in place.


Be careful about breakfast - children of all ages need to have a nutritious breakfast. Foods that are high in sugar, salt or additives are not a good start to the day.


Be ready - make sure that children are ready and prepared for school with all the uniform, books and equipment needed.


Be interested - make sure you have time to talk to your child about school each day, finding out what homework needs to be done.


Be positive - there will be times when problems in school will occur with other children or with your child’s school work but you will need to reassure your child, that the school and you, will work together to give support.


Be firm - unless your child is really too ill to attend school then he/she should be in school. Do not allow your child to stay at home.


Be clear with the school - it is important that if your child is unable to attend school due to an illness, that you inform them on your child’s first day of absence. The school number is 020 8509 4321 (option 1 to leave a message about absence)  


Be informed - make sure you attend parents’ evenings as these meetings are a good time to find out how your child is getting on.


Be available - If you change any of your contact details, it is important to fill in a new Emergency Contact form which is available from the school office.


Be supportive to the school - make sure your child follows the school rules and that you are clear about the school’s expectations, policies and procedures about behaviour, uniform and attendance. All policies are available on the school website



Holidays during term time:

Recently we have been having an increasing number of requests to take children out of school during term time for holidays especially during the weeks leading up to half term holidays which impacts on your children’s education. It also has a substantial impact on the school’s attendance figures, which we are under immense pressure from the government to improve.


The Governing Body of St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School have agreed to authorise the Local Government to issue Fixed Penalty Notices for unauthorised holidays.  The fine is currently £120 per child, per parent. If paid within 28 days it reduces to £60 per child, per parent. If not paid within 42 days, parents are taken to court for the office of non-attendance.


The above sanctions will not affect the vast majority of parents and will only apply to persistent absentees.


As a reminder, we will be publishing this from time to time in our newsletter.


The Holiday Request Form reflects that unauthorised absence will be subject to a fine.